House Rules

Dear guests, welcome to VILLA GIOAN!

In order to ensure a pleasant stay and prevent possible misunderstandings, please familiarize yourself with the house rules:
– On the day of arrival, by 8:00 PM, guests are obliged to self-register using the provided form, which complies with GDPR regulations and the law
– During their stay, guests are responsible for the tidiness and cleanliness of the space
– Garbage should be sorted in the designated containers located in front of the garages
– Smoking inside the Villa is prohibited. Smoking is allowed outside with the use of ashtrays
– Guests are obliged to take care of their personal belongings and valuables. The host is not responsible for any damage or loss thereof
– Guests undertake to behave responsibly in the Villa and on the property around it. In case of any accident, they bear the consequences themselves.
– It is not allowed to move furniture and other inventory located in and around the villa
– It is not allowed to place deckchairs, blankets, plastic inflatables, etc. on the lawn
– It is not allowed to touch or disable the operation of robotic lawnmowers without the prior written permission of the host.
– All facilities (swimming pool, playground, hot tub, fitness machines, etc) are used by guests solely at their own risk
– It is mandatory to shower before entering the pool and hot tub.
– Changing the settings on the hot tub is prohibited. Additional water changes at the guest’s request is charged according to the price list.
– For hygienic reasons, we do not wash bed linen and towels stained with blood or vomit, but the guest is obliged to compensate the cost of purchasing new ones
– Charging of electric powered cars is allowed only in the garage at the designated sockets and is charged according to the valid price list
– Setting fire is allowed only in the outdoor grill
– In the event of equipment or device failure, guests are obliged to inform the host as soon as possible, who will try to fix it as soon as possible.
– The number of guests must not exceed the agreed number from the Booking Confirmation
Unannounced guests are not allowed to stay or spend the night. At the guest’s request, the host can approve possible visits. In case of non-compliance with this rule, the host has the right to cancel the hospitality without the right to return the paid accommodation
– In stormy weather, all sunshade umbrella, doors, windows and sheds must be properly closed
– When leaving the Villa, it is mandatory to lock the doors, close the windows and umbrellas, turn off the lights and turn off all electrical devices (TV, air conditioners, etc)
– Windows and doors must be closed when using the air conditioner
– The host has the right to enter the villa in the absence of the guest in order to prevent possible damage but obliged to inform the guest before
– On the day of arrival and departure, guests agree to inspect the villa and the property around it with the host in order to determine the condition of all spaces, inventory, equipment and appliances
– If any item of inventory (furniture, devices, installations, etc.) and everything else is lost or damaged due to the fault of the guest, the guest is obliged to inform the host and compensate the caused damage at the price of a new one or at the rate of emergency interventions/repairs
– Climbing and walking on the roof is strictly prohibited. In case of damage due to non-observance of this prohibition, the host will charge the guests for all possible damage
– Additional cleaning is charged according to price list if the interior of the
villa and the environment are left in an untidy state (sticky floors from spilled liquids of any kind, glass shards on the floor, unwashed dishes, unsorted garbage in designated containers, etc.)
– Accommodation may be canceled for a guest who does not comply with the house rules and disturbs order and peace
– In case of cancellation of accommodation by the host due to violation of house rules, the amount paid will not be returned to the guest, regardless of the shortened stay

When leaving, please:
– leave everything sufficiently clean and tidy
– turn off and clean all appliances (toaster, microwave oven, coffee maker, etc.) and grill
– put the trash in the designated containers near the garages
– put used towels and dishcloths in the bath tub

Feel free to contact us for all information and help.
Thank you for the trust you have shown us by choosing us for your vacation!

We wish you a pleasant stay!

Your VILLA GIOAN hosts